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Why SMBs are Turning to Managed Print Services

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If your small business is like many, you have optimized your office budget to the maximum – or have you?

While it’s natural to watch costs related to hiring, technology and overall operations, there is a corner of your workplace that may be causing a more hidden budget drain: your print environment.

What’s costing you?
Sometimes, it’s issues as seemingly innocuous as the age of your printers, their placement in the office and the ingrained print habits of your staff that can make the cost per page add up.

For example …

  • If your office appears to be littered with printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines, that could represent costs that could be mitigated by integrating a few well-placed multifunction printers.
  • If you notice reams of abandoned hard copies in the print room, that could indicate an opportunity to implement a digital document solution, where documents are saved, shared and stored online, easily and securely.
  • If you find yourself spending a lot of money on expensive colour toner, consider that many departments don’t need to print in colour.  Defaulting office printers to black and white print and instructing users to print on both sides of the paper instead of one-sided printing will save on toner and paper use.

Turn the costs around
The good news is you can cut and control print costs. Many SMBs are turning to a Managed Print Services (MPS) expert to help them accomplish this.

By outsourcing your print fleet to an MPS provider, you not only take the weight of managing your print fleet off your staff, you gain a partner who can manage and streamline your print environment taking into account your actual needs and budget.

With a Managed Print Services provider working with you,  you’ll enjoy the advantages of competitive pricing, and proactive maintenance that keeps downtime at a minimum.

Find out more
Start the process with a complimentary print assessment of your workplace, where an MPS provider will show you how much you’re spending on printing, and how to reduce that bill through cost-effective technology and training.

Are you wondering how your printing practices compare to other SMBs just like you?  Take our SMB Office Challenge today and find out! You’ll receive a free copy of our 2016 Office Print Policy Guide full  of money-saving best practices you can start using today!



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