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Transitioning to the Cloud? Before You Do, Ask These Questions, Digital Business Systems

Transitioning to the Cloud? Before You Do, Ask These Questions

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Choosing the right cloud services provider is an important business decision. When vetting potential partners, make sure to consider security, privacy and operational capabilities. You need to do your due diligence by asking providers the right questions to make sure that they meet your company’s specific needs.

Here are six questions to ask to help you to reach an educated decision.

  1. Where are your data centers located? Your data may be stored across several geographic locations. You need to know where that are and make sure they meet your needs, goals and privacy concerns. Knowing where your data is can help you understand and assess risks.
  2. How do I access my data? Make sure they offer an Access Control Policy that gives you access whenever you need it 24/7/365 from anywhere. Ask how to authenticate users and how they’re verified. Because your data is housed offsite, make sure you know how to access it at all times!
  3. Maintenance and Monitoring? Any provider you choose should offer comprehensive monitoring tools. Make sure applications are kept updated and secure. A monitoring system will let your provider know when there is an issue and your system needs maintenance. Make sure it includes anti-virus, hardware, software, security upgrades and disk space. Make sure you can create audit trails for enhanced security.
  4. What about two-factor authentication? Security is a primary concern. Firewalls, data encryption and anti-virus protection may not be enough. Two-factor authentication adds a layer of security.
  5. What is their disaster recovery plan? Any provider you choose should offer protection from both natural and man-made disasters. Ask if they provide multiple location redundancy in case of the failure of one or more data centers,  and that adequate security is taken to protect all of their data centers.
  6. What is their cancellation policy? Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to. Know your cancellation options and procedures in advance. Ask if they offer assistance transferring data. Have it all outlined in writing before you commit.

These questions can help you narrow down the field. If you already have a provider, these questions can help you update your agreement. Want to learn more? Give us a call and let us help you find the perfect solution.


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