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The Benefits Of, And Tips For, Going Paperless!, Digital Business Systems

The Benefits Of, And Tips For, Going Paperless!

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Here are some some benefits of going paperless and tips on how to make the transition.

The Benefits of Going Paperless

Going completely paperless might not be practical for some businesses. However, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to reduce paper use in your office. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Less Clutter, Less Waste – Less paper = a cleaner office.
  • Faster Access to Documents – No more searching through piles of paper. Just a few mouse clicks and you’re there!
  • Faster Disaster Recovery – Digital backups kept offsite can have you up and running fast after a disaster or data breach.
  • More Sustainable – Paperless means using less consumables like toner, paper, and less energy
  • More Efficient Workflows – Digital documents are easy to track, and deliver. Delivery can be automated to ensure fast approvals.

Transitioning Your Business

Going paperless won’t happen overnight. Simple steps can aid in your transition. For example:

  • Analyze Your Current Print Output – Track print output on all devices to determine a baseline. Talk to a Managed Print Services provider about a print assessment to track usage and set target goals. Talk to us about our free print assessment offer here.
  • Calculate Potential Savings – Track all print expenses. Include printers, toner, paper, repairs, storage, and tech costs. This can target areas to cut and help you realize potential savings.
  • Move Document Storage and Applications To the Cloud – This reduces paper use, and keeps documents accessible.
  • Scan Paperwork and Sign Digitally When Possible
  • Update Older Technology – MFPs allow you to digitize documents eliminating the need for printing and making them searchable easier to store digital documents. New technology is more energy efficient and uses fewer consumables.

Ready to learn more? Contact a Digital Business Systems rep or download our free ebook How to Print Less and Spend Less and let us show you how easy it is to reduce your reliance on paper!

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