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Technology Powers Small Businesses Through Time Savings

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By: Brian Moran, Mar 23, 2015

Ask any small business owner what they wish for most (besides more money) and many would ask for more hours in the day. Time is indeed one of an entrepreneur’s most precious commodities, and we’re always looking for tips, tricks and products that stretch our workday to push our productivity and business objectives.

Technology has been a great gift for small business owners, bringing efficiency solutions and productivity shortcuts. In general, technology enables us to do more with less – in less time.

Wireless technology, for instance, means small business owners (and employees) can work from (practically) anywhere on (practically) anything. This alone has revolutionized the way business is conducted, allowing us to work without wires and walls.

One of the companies helping small businesses do this is Xerox. They just introduced new products and services that are sure to save entrepreneurs both time and money.

Devices Takes the Headache Out of IT

Take a look at two of the high-quality color-laser printers from Xerox. Both the Phaser 6022 and the WorkCentre 6027 are affordable and ideally designed for small, growing businesses. The Phaser 6022 printer is a single-function machine with a small footprint (it fits on a desk), so it’s perfect for businesses owners who run virtual businesses or have home offices for after-hours use. The printer is only $279 and is so plug-and-play, you can set it up yourself—no IT help required.

If you need more function, the WorkCentre 6027, which retails for $429, is a multifunction device (print, fax, copy and scan). One of the most exciting elements of these printers is they are mobile-enabled, so it’s easy to print from tablets and smartphones. This is especially important since more and more people are relying on their mobile devices to get work done. You may be thinking to yourself, but is it secure? Yes, both printers have built-in security. Using your Wi-Fi network, you can print from mobile devices using Wi-Fi Direct, Apple AirPrint or Google Cloud Print. And there’s no need to download or install apps or print drivers.

Here’s another benefit – both printers are built to save you time. They’re easy to install and come with a Paper Setup Navigator, which takes the guesswork out of using custom-paper sizes and stocks for printing envelopes, cardstock, labels and recycled paper. And to get things done faster and more efficiently, the printers print 18 pages per minute—even in color. Plus, the tray holds up to 150 sheets of paper, meaning fewer trips to fill up the paper tray. Printers can be purchased online at www.dbsxrx.com

Technology Beyond the Box

Aligning your IT needs with a trusted partner that offers more than a “box” is important. For example, when buying either of these printers you are eligible for the Xerox eConcierge service, a cloud-based supplies replenishment program for networked printers and multifunction printers. Easy-to-use and install, Xerox eConcierge is downloaded as a desktop application onto one or more PCs or Macs. The program automatically discovers compatible devices, checking the toner, ink, waste cartridges and fusers. Users are informed when supplies are needed and an online order is generated, capturing the correct part numbers for the manufacturer’s supplies.

So What’s Next?

Business today is changing and SMBs owners and IT professionals are charged with helping employees become more productive. We are in a digital era and it is critical for SMBs to find technology solutions that are easy-to-use, adaptable and fit into the company’s workflow. I know what SMBs deal with on a daily basis, so here are three key things to consider when it comes to IT and your business:

  • Invest in a technology partner who sees the bigger picture: Look for a vendor that offers programs with cost savings and productivity gains with you in mind. For example, the Xerox Small Office Savings Plan is an innovative way for service providers to differentiate themselves and grow their base. The plan is simple: Xerox resellers offer their customers a free Xerox color printer and in turn, customers agree to pay a predictable monthly amount used exclusively for supplies. The plan gives providers an innovative way to improve margin (versus a traditional sale on the hardware), a guaranteed supplies annuity stream and requires minimal training.
  • Make wise technology investments: High-quality printed materials are a direct reflection of your company’s image – so invest wisely in printer technology. With enhanced image quality (1200 x 2400 dpi) that’s available on Xerox’s devices, you can create professional-looking promotional materials with ease.
  • Align with a vendor who makes simplicity a priority: SMB owners have a lot on their minds and technology shouldn’t be one of them. Look for solutions that are easy to install – with user interfaces that are intuitive and simple to navigate.

Note: This article was first published on Small Business Edge and Brian Moran filed this content as a paid contributor to Xerox.

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