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Technology Assessment

To prepare for your needs and growth our engineers must gain an understanding of the current state of your technology. The first step is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the state of your organization from a technology perspective. Once the assessment is completed, we can develop a customized technology plan that aligns with your budget.

Important Questions

  • Is your network secure?
  • Is your current software updated?
  • Do you have a recovery and backup plan in place?
  • Is your current state of technology ready to meet the challenges businesses face today?

Our comprehensive IT assessment service is dedicated to helping IT managers identify issues within their current IT infrastructure and make improvements to minimize downtime, automate backup and disaster recovery, boost customer confidence levels and maintain regulatory compliance standards.

Risk Assessment Focus 

  • Change management procedures
  • Critical data backup
  • Disaster recovery preparedness
  • Enhanced security
  • Infrastructure redundancies
  • Network and device capabilities
  • Predictable recovery times

Assessment Outcomes 

  • Automated backup opportunities
  • Client assurance
  • Suggestions for governance, compliance and business continuity
  • Up-to-date critical data recovery procedures


You’ll receive our detailed fact-based risk assessment with observations and suggestions you can use to benchmark the current state of your IT infrastructure.

Contact Digital Business Systems today to learn more about our no obligation IT technology assessment service.