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Stop Cyberattacks with Xerox, Digital Business Systems, ON

Stop Cyberattacks with Xerox

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Do you know that your multifunction printer is a popular target for hackers? Cyber criminals know that these popular and versatile devices contain and transmit a lot of sensitive data but often fall through the cracks when companies make their security plans. MFPs enabled with Xerox’s exclusive ConnectKey technology will make them less vulnerable to…

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Considering an MFP? Here are Three Things to Keep in Mind!, Markham, ON

Considering an MFP? Here are Three Things to Keep in Mind!

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How much time do you spend thinking about your printers? If you’re like most business owners, you probably don’t, unless there’s a problem like an old machine that needs to be replaced – which is often a result of a crisis that needs immediate attention. Today, 40% of business processes rely on print as an…

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Is Your Old Copier Holding You Back? How to Know When It’s Time to Upgrade.

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Technology marches on! And yet, for many businesses technology upgrades are low on their priority list. But the office copier is a vital piece of office equipment; and with the introduction of multifunction printers, they have become the hub of the office environment where employees rely on them daily for their printing, copying, faxing and…

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