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Taking Care of your Copier for Better Efficiency, Digital Business Systems, Markham, ON

Taking Care of your Copier for Better Efficiency

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Your office copier is an essential piece of equipment, but you probably don’t give it much thought beyond pressing the right buttons to print your documents. However, like all machinery, copiers are prone to breakdowns and malfunctions, and when the copier is down your business could grind to a halt. Taking care of your copier…

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Bad Document Workflows Could Be Costing You, Digital Business Systems

Bad Document Workflows Could be Costing You

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When you hire employees, you’re looking at their education, experience, and talents and how these skills can best serve your company. Often these skilled employees get bogged down by repetitive tasks that require a lot of manual effort, but not their valuable talents. Improving these document workflows can get them back to working on higher value tasks and growing…

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