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Taking Care of your Copier for Better Efficiency, Digital Business Systems, Markham, ON

Taking Care of your Copier for Better Efficiency

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Your office copier is an essential piece of equipment, but you probably don’t give it much thought beyond pressing the right buttons to print your documents. However, like all machinery, copiers are prone to breakdowns and malfunctions, and when the copier is down your business could grind to a halt. Taking care of your copier…

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Is Your Old Copier Holding You Back? How to Know When It’s Time to Upgrade.

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Technology marches on! And yet, for many businesses technology upgrades are low on their priority list. But the office copier is a vital piece of office equipment; and with the introduction of multifunction printers, they have become the hub of the office environment where employees rely on them daily for their printing, copying, faxing and…

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