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Stop Cyberattacks with Xerox, Digital Business Systems, ON

Stop Cyberattacks with Xerox

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Do you know that your multifunction printer is a popular target for hackers? Cyber criminals know that these popular and versatile devices contain and transmit a lot of sensitive data but often fall through the cracks when companies make their security plans. MFPs enabled with Xerox’s exclusive ConnectKey technology will make them less vulnerable to cyberattacks.


When data is sent across a network or the Internet, it is vulnerable to being stolen. ConnectKey-enabled devices encrypt your data before transmission. This is true for jobs being sent to the printer, faxes being emailed, and scanned documents being sent to the cloud. Encrypting data makes it much harder for hackers to use, providing you a valuable layer of protection for your sensitive data.

Authentication and Auditing

A multifunction printer’s hard drive contains a lot of sensitive data and can directly access your network, so all users should be authorized. ConnectKey software offers several authentication options, so you can secure your MFP from unauthorized access. Once logged in, all transactions on the printer will be logged, allowing for an audit trail should something inappropriate occur.

ConnectKey technology also allows for users to delay print jobs until they arrive at the printer and authenticate the job. This means fewer instances of sensitive data being left on the printer tray for greater data security.

Interception and Reporting

Hackers often work by transmitting malicious software via infected files. ConnectKey is equipped to detect and reject these attempts before the files enter your network. At the same time, Xerox ConnectKey-enabled MFPs utilize McAfee security solutions to monitor the printer. If any malicious attacks are attempted, it will be immediately reported to a chosen contact person. This allows your company to respond quickly to threats, limiting or preventing an attack before damage is done.

Your data is your company’s most valuable asset, and attempts to steal sensitive information are on the rise. Xerox understands the challenges companies face trying to secure their data. ConnectKey technology, exclusive to Xerox, provides multi-layered protection for your printer, guarding your data against cyberattacks. Contact us to learn more!

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