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Those in the retail industry often have little knowledge of their true cost of printing. At Digital Business Systems we’ve designed a Managed Print Services program to address the unique concerns of retail organizations.

Thanks to the many business relationships we’ve formed with retail organizations, we understand the challenges they face including special needs when it comes to internal and external communications, and a desire to approach printing from a greener perspective.

Here are a few more challenges we’ve identified in the retail industry:

  • Absence of cost control
  • Decentralized purchasing
  • Low cost visibility
  • Obstacles for communication and workflow
  • Poor management of consumables ordering

Our exclusive Managed Print program for retail provides the tools and resources to effectively manage both hardcopy and digital documentation, while we take charge of your print hardware, supplies, and service. By relieving you of the burden of day to day print operations, management and staff can redirect their focus to what really matters: growing your business.

Some of the successful business outcomes we’ve achieved through our retail partnerships include:

  • Budgetary control
  • Cost reductions
  • Enhanced levels of service
  • Improved communications
  • Simplified accounting and invoicing