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Print Assessment

Were you aware that currently 90% of all North American companies do not know how much they are spending on print, and that print is now the third highest office expense behind rent and payroll? Combine this with the fact that, on average, the typical office worker prints 34 pages per day of which 17% are never used. That translates to 8,840 pages per year with over 1,500 pages of waste. With these numbers it makes sense that more companies are exploring products and solutions to help reign in these uncontrolled expenses. If you would like to learn more about how to better control the print costs in your office, then the first step is a print assessment.

A good print assessment can save you money

Getting your print environment assessed is a smart method of obtaining the information you need to reduce your printing costs and streamline your print environment. At the end of the evaluation, you’ll get a full report detailing your printing practices including:

  • A complete inventory of your organization’s print devices, including networked and USB devices
  • Print usage per device, per department, per location
  • Total cost of current state operations
  • User analysis: user-to-device ratio
  • Print comparative analysis: compare costs of devices
  • Environmental analysis: the environmental impact of your print environment
  • What-if scenarios: making changes to key assumptions resulting in immediate calculations and real time results to review important financial metrics
  • A diagram of what your optimized print environment will look like

Deploying print assessment software: Print assessment software can accurately detail your company’s printing practices and provide a thorough report to help you measure your print usage and workflow. Many organizations see between a 20% and 30% reduction in costs after such an assessment and implementing changes.

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