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Printer Cartridges

Using printer toner that does not meet the necessary quality specifications typically carries many hidden costs. Although some users take cost savings at face value and decide to invest in Xerox-compatible supplies from different manufacturers, they are soon confronted by ink leakages, costly printer malfunctions, and not to mention voiding your warranty. Original Xerox supplies, on the other hand, offer complete reliability and a vastly superior number of printer pages for the same amount of ink. Given the trade-off between the cost per cartridge and the maximum number of pages, the cost balance is almost equal. However, the printer malfunctions and low-quality prints are averted.

Xerox Supplies

Xerox printer toner guarantees risk-free printing. Sometimes, flawless prints can be critical for small businesses wishing to stay afloat. Although it is obvious that printing customer presentations is not a core skill for any company, arriving at a customer meeting with an unprofessional looking proposal smudged by an aftermarket printer toner just before it completely jammed the printer is undesirable, to say the very least. Even having to print the same content two or three times until an acceptable result is obtained increases the resource waste threefold, because of the spent time, ink and paper.
The Buyers Lab Institute showed that Xerox printer toner is performing better in tests compared to remanufactured toners from the standpoint of image and text quality, performance, and total page output. This is because of superior, non-toxic inks and technology incorporated in genuine toners, which are designed to fit Xerox printers. Moreover, all the benefits of Xerox printers, such as photo-quality images and professional blending colours, are forfeited by the use of substandard cartridges. Over the exploitation lifetime, ink imperfections add up and negatively impact the performance of the hardware, which becomes more prone to defects, leading to an increased cost of ownership.