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Office Copiers

Digital technology has progressed to the point where office copiers are now fully multifunctional machines. Besides creating copies, Xerox office photocopiers contain a fax, a scanner, and a printer, all in one. With embedded Wi-Fi and ports that enable USB printing and storage, these photocopiers are designed to handle all the operational requirements of a small enterprise office.
With user-friendly interfaces and heavy-duty paper trays, Xerox office copiers are reliable and robust. Typically, the size of the machine is determined by the number of functions it can perform and the paper storage capacity. However, these are not the only criteria for sizing. Certainly, the needs of the business dictate the type of copier purchased by an enterprise – for example, a creative design office will require a tabloid-size colour copier as a minimum.
Xerox found that 64% of the total documents printed by companies are confidential and addresses this point with features that include network authentication, and scan and print encryption for secure data relay over email. Moreover, the 11×17 copier series has internal storage of up to 160 GB, enabling data to remain safe and local when necessary.

Small Office Copiers

While the 11×17 copier series has large footprints that may not be suitable for every office, Xerox is aware of the need of small offices to have small office copiers. Despite their compact volume, small office copiers contain all the multiple functionalities of large machines that stand on the floor, while at the same time can be placed on the top of a desk.
Small office copiers are designed by Xerox to fully automate repeating workflows and processes. The programmable workflow function enables customization, user preference recall, and time-saving shortcuts. Even though the warm up times and copier speeds may vary depending on the model, these copiers will maintain their position at the forefront of the industry standard.