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Non Profit

Non-profit organizations face a unique set of challenges, and at Digital Business Systems, we’re dedicated to helping qualifying organizations to face these challenges head on and achieve successful outcomes.

Common challenges include:

  • Changeable budgetary needs
  • Cutbacks to funding
  • Data security
  • Minimal cost control
  • Outdated technology

In an effort to provide a high level of service to the communities they serve, many non-profit organizations wind up neglecting their own needs and requirements for office technology. Our unique solutions provide a means for these organizations to leverage the power of technology to improve document workflows, increase productivity and lower costs.

Your non-profit can leverage our technology and experience to realize significant improvements in the following areas:

  • Budget predictability
  • Control over expenses
  • Cost savings on average of 30 percent
  • Enhanced level of service
  • Increase in employee/volunteer productivity

Contact Digital Business Systems today to learn if your organization is qualified to participate in our exclusive Non-Profit Managed Print Program, or to receive a complimentary print assessment.