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MPS: More than Just Cost Savings, Digital Business Systems

MPS: More than Just Cost Savings

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Print is a major expense for many businesses, causing them to look for print solutions that can help cut costs. Managed Print Services (MPS) does just that, saving on average 30% of your print expenses. While this is enough reason for many companies to use an MPS provider, there are other benefits to Managed Print:

  1. Productivity – MPS provides a number of services to your company, including organizing your print environment and troubleshooting. Both of these help boost your employee productivity. Your MPS provider can deploy the right devices to meet your company’s needs, so print jobs are done efficiently, saving employee time. They provide preventative maintenance to minimize downtime, and respond quickly when a problem arises. Because an MPS provider employs print experts, fixes are faster and more efficient than using your in-house staff that may not be trained in printer troubleshooting.
  2. Cost consolidation – MPS not only reduces your overall print spending but also makes it predictable. An MPS provider will first analyze your print environment and usage. Your month to month spending as well as the costs of device upgrades can then be planned for based on the analysis of your current print usage. An MPS provider can also order supplies for your business, taking advantage of volume discounts, and eliminating wasted supplies. MPS helps reduce any print-related budget surprises.
  3. Environmentally friendly – Managed Print Services helps your business reduce its carbon footprint. MPS can reduce your overall paper and toner usage as well as provide recycling programs to help reduce waste. Additionally, an MPS provider can help you choose energy-efficient devices and set print settings that use less energy and fewer supplies.

Managed Print Services is a great way to reduce your print spending, but there are other benefits as well. With increased productivity and reduced waste, your company can be more efficient, and one monthly invoice allows for ease of budgeting. With all these benefits, MPS is a good investment for many businesses.

P.S. Want to learn more? Check out our free How to Print Less and Spend Less ebook and learn why so many small and medium-sized businesses are turning to Managed Print Services.



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