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Managed Print Solutions

Managed print solutions, including a printing assessment, can help small businesses thrive by reducing uncontrolled costs. Uncontrolled costs typically result from small incremental additions to daily activities; such costs go unchecked for long periods of time, because small budgets are sometimes not as carefully scheduled and guarded as large, critical budgets.

Printing Assessment and Audit

It is often difficult to estimate a given organization’s total printing costs due to because of its lack of experience and dedicated resources capable of managing infrastructure and printing costs. For this reason, Digital Business Solutions offers small organizations the possibility of a print audit. Experience shows that a print audit can lead to saving as much as 30% of the costs associated with printing.
Moreover, network printing can be sourced as a service. At the same time, Digital Business Solutions, as a Xerox authorized dealer, provides services aimed at improving the accuracy of the printing budget managing costs by unified monthly billing. The unified monthly billing is a reliable and predictable tool that includes:

  • Avoiding downtimes and increasing employee productivity
  • Centralized billing, and waste reduction by focused stock management
  • Cost savings and budget control with fixed and predictable costs per page
  • Single point of contact for efficient management
  • Selecting and managing products that are out of warranty.
  • Although most professionals will print various materials throughout their careers, the sales teams need print facilities the most. Customer proposals and presentations are often still in paper format, especially for official purposes such as auctions and bids. Managed printing allows sales professionals to focus on their work and avoid undesired delays associated with malfunctioning technology or insufficiently well-estimated printing resources.
    Most companies invest up to 2% of their total operating expenses in printing, and 64% of this printing is confidential. A complete printing fleet management service accompanied by a printing assessment helps save resources and maintain confidentiality where it is most necessary.