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Lack of print management affects the financial sector as much as any other. Consequences include an elevated cost of printing, inefficient workflow processes, underutilized and unmanaged print equipment, lack of clarity around equipment inventory and unnecessary waste.

In an industry where innovation, agility and responsiveness are key, there are common challenges associated with print, including:

  • Cost visibility
  • Data security
  • Lack of print rules
  • Unregulated print expenses
  • Unnecessary waste

Financial Focused Solutions

The financial services industry is not immune to the issues facing other industries when it comes to managing their print environments. Outdated, underutilized or inadequate equipment, coupled with outdated workflow processes can cause print costs to quickly spiral out of control.

While certain challenges, such as the ongoing demand for innovative solutions to improve agility, compliance, and responsiveness may be industry-specific, the challenge to improve document output is not.