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Essential Tips to Prevent a Malware Attack

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Malware is designed to be very deceptive, and today it’s more difficult to detect than ever before.  The criminals who create malware have different motives.  Some wish to “hold ransom” an individual or business to get money.  Others want to cripple a computer or an entire network.  There are some types of malware that can destroy valuable data or steal account information.

No one is completely immune to malware if they use a computer, but there are some key ways to keep most malware attacks at bay:

  • Always be suspicious of attachments – Even if an attachment comes from someone you know, do a virus or malware scan to be safe.  The most innocent attachments can be contaminated.
  • Scan daily – Scan as often as possible, preferably at least once a day.
  • Update your security software – Keep all of your security software packages updated using a daily or weekly schedule.
  • Deceptive links – Review links carefully before clicking.  Some malware criminals have designed emails that look almost identical to legitimate corporate emails.  If you have any suspicion it’s best to confirm authenticity with the business directly.
  • Train your staff – Keep all of your employees and contractors informed about your malware and other security policies so everyone stays vigilant.
  • Outside equipment – Bringing in laptops, USB drives, or other devices can be a security risk.  Make sure your policy either locks down any outside devices or prevents the devices from accessing your network completely.

It’s much easier to prevent an attack than it is to recover from one. By taking the proper precautions you can greatly reduce your risk.

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