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Document Capture

Whether you’re looking to boost personal productivity, departmental efficiency, or enterprise document workflows, West X offers document scanning, capture and conversion solutions that dramatically boost knowledge worker productivity, drive greater business process efficiency, and enhance information security and compliance within document workflows.

West X capture solutions seamlessly integrate paper and electronic documents with business processes so you enjoy faster, more efficient and compliant document processes while reducing associated costs, complexity and risk.

Save the time, money and stress of handling paper! Capture solutions built within document management software allow users to retain, process and organize company information residing in a variety of document formats. Using scanning, filing and data extraction capabilities, capture solutions can increase the efficiency of a business and the usefulness of its documents.

User-friendly capture solutions deliver enhanced document capture, high value data extraction and document delivery automation. Extract file names and assign them to an index field or route captured documents for approval and archival. Document management capture solutions meet the needs of the contemporary business world.

Eliminate document build up in your office!

  • Quickly and easily feed scanned images into your document management software to automatically extract high value data.
  • Create data routes with batch processing capabilities for data extraction from faxes, emails, scanned images and other digital records.
  • Automatically grab information with powerful image enhancement, ensuring the highest quality data extraction from your documents.
  • Turn scanned images into text, allowing you to file documents effortlessly in seconds.

Automate your documents through a capture system designed to efficiently gather, manage and distribute business critical data. Eliminate the opportunity for manual entry error while rapidly capturing accurate document data. Call us today to learn more!