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Desktop Management

Enhance Productivity and Maximize System Performance with Effective Desktop Management.

A healthy network is vital for any organization, but without healthy, reliable computers in place productivity, and profitability can grind to a halt.

Computer maintenance can be a labour and time-intensive task. Our dedicated Desktop Management services provide you with an affordable alternative with proactive maintenance solutions to reduce downtime and enhance productivity.

Desktop Management Features

  • Anti-malware, anti-spam and anti-virus programs with automated virus definition updates
  • Automated Windows updates and patch management
  • Detailed inventory of hardware and software
  • Easy tracking and detection of new hardware, for instant access to desktop management and maintenance
  • Secure, remote access to resolve issues identified through network alerts

As part of our service, we conduct a thorough inventory of all hardware and software to ensure each receives the latest patches and security updates. Remote access allows our technicians to respond instantly to network alerts. Should you add a new computer to your existing network, it is instantly detected, falling under the umbrella of our desktop management services.

Our customers enjoy simple, predictable budgeting, and having a single point of contact for service and support. We assume responsibility for the documentation and tracking of your hardware inventory, licensing keys and software applications, and the information is easily accessible should you need it. In the event that any issues arise, our skilled technicians can gain remote access to your network to resolve the problem with, or without, the user present.

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