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Accounts Receivable Automation

Gain accurate visibility into cash flow and provide customers with purchase-specific information the moment they need it. Accounts Receivable document solutions work to automate payment processing to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of the critical Accounts Receivable data affecting the financial well-being of your organization.

Users can simply type in key document information, such as an invoice number, and all associated files will automatically pop up, allowing staff to quickly and easily print, save or email a copy directly to the customer. This in return, eliminates slow, manual data entry of orders that lead to delayed cash receipts and unorganized, open invoices.

Accounts Receivable automation gives AR Departments the ability to:
  • Reduce order processing costs through data capture automation
  • Provide quick, easy access to proof of delivery information
  • Increase levels of cash flow through prompt payments
  • Ensure records retention compliance
  • Improve collections management
  • Easily track early and late payments
  • Automate remittance processing
  • Improve billing processes to reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Encourage customer self-service with web form payment options
  • Gain immediate visibility into your company’s cash flow.

Accounts Receivable automation can increase company efficiency and reduce the overall costs of storage, processing and future retrieval of accounts receivable information.

How It Works

  • Documents are captured

Quickly batch scan, email, drag and drop or use a capture workflow to import Accounts Receivable documents directly into your document management system.

  • Automatic data indexing

With advanced data capture capabilities, Accounts Receivable software can turn scanned images into text for effortless and accurate document filing.

  • Easy search and retrieval

Once documents are captured and stored, future retrieval is simplified with easy keyword search functionality. Users can immediately access all customer documentation, including purchase orders, outstanding invoices and more.

  • Automated approval routing and archival

Once a sales order enters the system, it can be automatically routed to the appropriate departments for approval and processing.