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Accounts Payable Automation

Leverage a proven solution designed to have a real and immediate impact on the way your business handles Accounts Payable processing.

Accounts Payable automation delivers full document workflow capabilities, extracting high value accounting information without slowing the flow of business processes. Securely stored documents flow through your organization with automated efficiency, while payables matching, approvals, escalations and distribution take place along the way.

The benefits of Accounts Payable automation software include:
  • Effortlessly processing requisitions
  • Streamlining approval routing
  • Automatically generating purchase orders
  • Integrating with financial systems
  • Staying secure and compliant with the CRA
  • Automating AP/GL coding
  • Instantly performing a three-way match
  • Efficiently processing record retention
  • Improving indexing with OCR-enabled scanning

Accounts Payable automation delivers high-speed document capture through scanning, web forms and email, with the ability to extract high value information without manual data entry. The result is a streamlined digital process combined with specialized workflow tools that handle the routing, matching, approval and distribution of both purchase orders and invoices.

How It Works

  • Requisition submitted

Users initiate the process with the completion of a requisition form, captured through scanning, web form submission or email.

  • Automated email to manager for approval

The requisition form is automatically routed by email to the designated approving manager. The manager reviews the requisition and approves for purchase order generation and distribution via email.

  • Invoice scanned with OCR

When the invoice is received from the vendor, it is then scanned into the document management software, automatically applying general ledger codes to eliminate a high percentage of manual data entry.

  • Three-way match is performed

Incoming invoices will be automatically matched to their respective purchase orders and packing slips.

  • Invoice routed for approval

After the three-way match is confirmed, the invoice will be automatically routed for final approval and payment.

  • Feeds into your financial system

High value data can be automatically entered into QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics and many other leading financial systems to accommodate bookkeeping needs.