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Considering an MFP? Here are Three Things to Keep in Mind!, Markham, ON

Considering an MFP? Here are Three Things to Keep in Mind!

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How much time do you spend thinking about your printers? If you’re like most business owners, you probably don’t, unless there’s a problem like an old machine that needs to be replaced – which is often a result of a crisis that needs immediate attention.

Today, 40% of business processes rely on print as an essential part of their daily office routine. If your business is relying on your multifunction printer to move information throughout your office, when it’s time to replace it, doesn’t it make sense to choose a new device that can grow with your business?

Here are three tips to help you maximize your next MFP purchase!

1. Keep Cost in Mind – While you can pick up a perfectly fine MFP at just about any big box store, over the long-term it might not be the smartest business decision. Total cost of operation can be high. Because print makes up 15% of the average small businesses budget, buying a slightly more expensive machine to meet your business needs for the long haul can offer a lower TCO and grow with your business.

2. Get The App! – Some newer MFPs offer more than simple faxing, printing, scanning and copying. For example, Xerox ConnectKey technology offers an app that can help you to better manage workflows and extend the capabilities of your MFP.

3. Grow Your Business AND Increase Productivity – Scalability is important when investing in new technology. ConnectKey devices can grow with your business! Using simple tools you can:

  • Remotely scan documents with smart phones and tablets
  • Scan content directly to email for easy sharing
  • Wi Fi Direct Certified allows users to print directly from smart devices with no network connection necessary.

Want to learn more? Contact us today and we’ll show you how Xerox ConnectKey technology can save you both time and money while increasing productivity by providing scalable technology that can grow your business!

How smart is your current multifunction printer?  Click below to find out and you’ll receive a free copy of our 2016 Office Print Policy Guide full of money-saving best practices you can start using today!


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