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B&W Laser Printers

Small and medium enterprise offices, such as those in and nearby Toronto, need affordable, reliable, and long-lived printers that require low maintenance and produce prints at a low cost per page. Many offices seldom have need, or even no need, for colour printing. For this reason, further cost savings can be obtained by selecting an option such as the classic black and white laser printer. A black and white printer can be purchased for an initial cost lower than that of a colour laser multifunctional and covers most needs of a typical office. As an authorized Xerox agent, Digital Business Systems is perfectly aware of these points and aims to offer suitable solutions and advice to businesses in the Toronto area.

What to Look For in a Black and White Printer

Obtained for a lower initial investment, a black and white printer has a lower cost of ownership during its entire lifetime, because of significantly reduced investments in complementary products, for instance colour cartridges. At the same time, black and white printers offer the same range of solutions as colour laser printers, such as network connectivity, sharing, mobile printing, and finishing options, for businesses needing versatile and cost-efficient printing solutions.
Small offices typically require powerful and compact printers, such as those in the Xerox black and white series. Printers with larger footprints are often an inconvenience where floor space is limited, and therefore Digital Business Systems is distributing high-resolution printers that fit on a desk.
The black and white laser printer series offers flexible solutions for a wide range of needs. Ranging between 29 and 65 pages per minute and with a paper capacity of up to 3,750 sheets, these printers have an output of up to 300,000 pages per month.


B&W Laser Printers


Xerox Phaser 3260

Monochrome laser printer

  • Prints up to 29 pages/minute and up to 8.5″ x 14″ paper
  • Automatic two-sided printing and built-in Wi-Fi


Xerox Phaser 3320

Monochrome printer

  • Fast printing and long-term reliability in a compact device
  • Standard Wi-Fi connectivity and automatic two-sided printing


Xerox Phaser 3610

Monochrome laser printer

  • Best for everyday printing and workteams up to 10 users
  • Prints up to 47 pages per minute and up to 8.5″ x 14″ paper


Xerox Phaser 4622

Monochrome laser printer

  • Fast print speeds up to 65 pages/minute
  • Sturdy design with a high duty cycle of up to 275,000 prints/month


Xerox Phaser 5550

Monochrome laser printer

  • For large workgroups up to 30 users with heavy print volumes
  • Up to 50 pages/minute on a variety of paper sizes from 3″ x 3.87″ to 11.7″ x 17″