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Bad Document Workflows Could Be Costing You, Digital Business Systems

Bad Document Workflows Could be Costing You

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When you hire employees, you’re looking at their education, experience, and talents and how these skills can best serve your company. Often these skilled employees get bogged down by repetitive tasks that require a lot of manual effort, but not their valuable talents. Improving these document workflows can get them back to working on higher value tasks and growing your bottom line.

Bad Document Workflows

Every company has tasks that occur again and again, such as paying a vendor. These typically consist of a number of steps, each taking time and resources. Some signs of a bad document workflow include:

  • Repetition of steps within the workflow, such as needing to be scanned or printed more than once.
  • Manual completion of forms.
  • Manual filing.
  • Manual data entry tasks.

Whenever an employee is repeatedly doing something that could be done more efficiently and more securely by a computer, you may be looking at a bad document workflow.

Improving Document Workflows to Improve Business

Today’s scanning technology can help you improve these bad workflows to gain a multitude of benefits. Scanning technology allows relevant information, such as names, monetary amounts and contact information to be automatically extracted from documents and data to be auto-completed. Data entry can be largely a thing of the past with modern scanners.

Automated document workflows take away the burden of repetitive tasks from your employees, such as issuing a recurring payment to a regular vendor. If an error occurs at any stage in the process, appropriate employees can be notified keeping the quality of your service high.

Bad workflows could be costing you time, money, and talent – but they don’t have to! By identifying these repeated tasks and then looking to see what aspects are costing the most time, you can work towards improving your workflows, and your business.

Do you have automated document workflows in your office, or do you rely primarily on hardcopy documents?  If so, your documents could be in jeopardy!  Take two minutes and test your document knowledge and you could with an iPad Pro!


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