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About Us

With 30 years of experience in technology consultancy, management and services DBS strives to meet customer needs by providing valued-added services and promotional Digital Business Systems copier sales. Promotional events, services, and consultancy options are correspondingly highlighted throughout the website.

Digital Business Systems Solutions

Founded in 1996, Digital Business Systems chose to become a Xerox authorized dealer because of the many features unique to Xerox products. These features add business value and simplify the work lives of employees. Among these features are product reliability, easy troubleshooting, document encryption and storage, text scanning and conversion to searchable PDF, flawless image and text quality, professional colour blending and matching, and the possibility of manipulating image colours directly through the printer interface.

The Digital Business Systems solutions were created to address productivity and cost efficiency issues that are common in today’s world. Small businesses are particularly susceptible to such issues, because employees often manage printing. For example, a Xerox study found that the average employee typically spends 325 hours each year on printer-related issues and waits for printing supplies critical for work continuation for another 488 hours. At the same time, most companies invest up to 2% of their total budget on runaway printing costs, which do not include energy costs. Each company can make additional savings of 50% of its total energy expenditure by reducing its printing fleet by two thirds. Yearly, a company can save up to 4,200 pages per employee by double-sided printing, which amounts to 42,000 pages for a 10-employee company and a staggering 420,000 pages for 100 employees each year.

Digital Business Systems started with the idea that knowledgeable consultants can identify the correct printing solutions for each company. Moreover, Managed Print Services can help small businesses become bigger by reducing costs associated with areas far from their core expertise.