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A Guide to Protecting Your Data: 3 Easy Steps , Digital Business Systems

A Guide to Protecting Your Data: 3 Easy Steps

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“We’ve had a data breach.”

These are words you hope to never hear as a business owner. When your sensitive data is stolen, it can cause extensive harm to your business in the form of a work stoppage, reputational damage, lost clients and expensive financial repercussions.

Data breaches are becoming increasingly common for all businesses. In fact, nearly 60% of targets include small and medium sized businesses, proving that everyone must be on alert for this type of crime. Fortunately, there are several easy techniques you can use to help secure your data.

1. Reduce Your Reliance on Paper

A single lost or stolen page of sensitive customer or employee information can jeopardize dozens of identities. Whether left on a printer where an unauthorized person could take or read it, filed in an unsecure cabinet, or taken from a briefcase, paper is easy to steal and hard to protect.

Going paper-free can help increase your office security by reducing the amount of sensitive information you have in accessible locations. Switching to software-based automated solutions and digitizing files can place your information in a much more secure environment.

2. Secure All Devices

Today’s office is dependent on many devices. Laptops, desktops, printers, scanners, mobile phones and tablets are essential business tools – and potential access points for criminals. Every device that goes onto your office network must be secured to prevent unauthorized access. Once a criminal gains access to your network, every piece of data you have is at risk.

Many software solutions exist to secure your devices including:

  • Remote deletion
  • Desktop encryption
  • Password protection
  • Data overwrite

Using these simple applications, you can decrease the risk of unauthorized access.

3. Limit Access

One of the most overlooked areas of security is physical theft. If anyone can walk into your office without needing authorization, your data is at high risk for being stolen. Using security methods such as swipe card permission for office equipment or other sensitive areas, you can not only reduce or eliminate unauthorized access; you can create a log showing the details of who has had access.

Data breaches occur every day. In order to not be a victim, you must take steps to protect your data against this crime. A few simple steps can dramatically enhance your security.


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