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3D Printing for the Office

We have a variety of 3D printers, ranging from personal, professional to production printers. As well as a wide range of products for manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace and education markets. For more information on what a 3D System can do for your organization, please email Customer Service .

3D Printing for personal use

Quickly, accurately and economically print detailed parts for prototyping and testing. The Cube is our desktop model and is ideal for fast iteration and testing of functional and aesthetic prototyped parts for a full range of applications. Multi color and material, high speed + high resolution with a controlled environment. Cube’s 70 micron thin prints in Nylon, ABS and PLA give you unmatched strength and diversity for your desktop prototyping. There are also over 20 print-tested colors available in both ABS and PLA for the Cube.


Competitive Advantages
  • 30% larger build volume vs. closest competitor
  • CubePro’s climate controlled chamber for optimal printing with multiple materials ensures high quality, accurate prints every time.
  • Print with Nylon, ABS and PLA in over 25 colors simultaneously in hi-res 70 micron layer thinness
  • Includes a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty. A nine month extended warranty is available.
  • Smart Cartridge Systems with professional grade materials automates the printing process and print settings so you don’t have to
  • Wifi capabilities allow you to print wirelessly
  • US based Tech-Support available 5 days a week via phone and e-mail
  • Products designed, manufactured, and assembled in the US