105833409Harness the power of the Internet

Every small business owner knows the importance of their business data. What many don’t realize is that while the chances of a major disaster are quite remote, the majority of data loss is the result of small localized problems. Could your business weather a major equipment failure caused by a tree falling through the roof, a lightning strike, or even theft?

internetWe provide you with outstanding customer support from a dedicated group of IT specialists, giving you personalized attention from a dedicated technician on our team.

Digital Business Systems also provides the following internet solutions to computer users like you:

Activated Reverse DNS PTR Records – for cleaner email delivered
Managed connection equipment – for a more stable connection, and Scalable services from ADSL to high capacity fiber.

We guarantee reliable and redundant networks and will provide you with a team of fast and friendly technicians right at your door!

Let Digital Business Systems be your provider for high-speed internet
access in the Greater Toronto area.

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